Optimal Distribution Flows and Secure Warehousing Solutions

Our inland solutions combine various areas of expertise such as groupage, full or part load road haulage and superior warehousing or storage solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a superior customer experience, and our inland solutions complete the Total Maritime suite of services. Not only are we dedicated to delivering an exemplary service but Total Maritime and our trusted network of agents are committed to optimising international supply and distribution flows worldwide.

Our transportation services include:

  • Freight management
  • Local collection and distribution
  • Inland full load road transportation direct to the final destination
  • Inland part load transportation direct to the final destination
  • Palletised LCL shipments direct to the customer utilising a pallet carrier
  • Cross-docking with marginal handling and little storage time
  • Tracking

We also have the capabilities to unload and de-stuff your containers upon arrival and oversee your goods being reloaded onto a national pallet carrier for dispatch to the final destination. If the goods are not required until a later time, containers can be shunted from the port to an inland storage facility, namely a warehouse or container stacks may be utilised.

Our storage services include:

  • Short term inland container storage
  • Cross-docking with marginal handling and little storage time
  • Documentation, i.e. goods receipt
  • Unloading of slip sheet
  • Handball team unload containers and re-palletise goods according to the needs of the end customer. Alternatively goods are re-palletised and stored in the warehouse until required
  • Temporary short term storage options for end customer to accommodate peaks in demand
  • Medium to long term storage of bulk stock awaiting daily customer call off
  • Customer goods picking at case or pallet level to meet end customer requirement
  • Goods are prepared in advance of factory gate collection

Total Maritime have strategically located subcontracted, leased and owned warehousing facilities, we are able to offer almost 80,000 sqm of modern, secure warehousing. Our state of the art storage facilities are specifically designed to support maritime intensive supply chains. We utilise advanced warehouse management systems and implement best practice processes that are designed to optimise your product flow, improve your service levels and reduce activity based costs.