About Us

Total Maritime Logistics & Forwarding can be described as a single source solution provider for all of your transport and logistics needs.

We provide world-class freight forwarding and logistics solutions across a multitude of industries with the unwavering support of our global network of partners. While we offer an extensive suite of freight forwarding services, we also offer specialised reefer logistics solutions for any kind of temperature-controlled cargo.

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Our mission is to simplify your life through...

  • Customised solutions

  • Quick, precise, and comprehensive quotes

  • Tailored tracking and tracing

  • Complete end-to-end solutions

Sector Focus

The FMCG sector requires a robust network of global logistics partners to keep it moving. Total Maritime understands that manufacturers and suppliers face fluctuating customer demand.

We provide a comprehensive full suite of dedicated BWS (Beer, Wine & Spirits) transport services, able to deal with one bottle, bulk, ISO, Flexi Tanks, right up to 20ft and 40ft containers.

As a leading logistics provider for temperature-controlled logistics, we offer a complete transport solutions to Australian Exporters of Dairy, Meat and Seafood products, whether it's chilled or frozen.

Total Maritime understands the impact of fluctuating customer demand and supply chain disruptions can at best be challenging.

As an experienced logistics provider, we offer multifaceted services and project management to the industrial sector.