Supply Chain Management

Dedicated supply chain management require a team of multi-talented logistical experts to ensure the smooth distribution of goods between producers, manufacturers and suppliers. Many of our clients have complex supply chains that require forward-thinking, multinational collaboration and timely response times.

Total Maritime offers supply chain solutions that deliver efficiency and transparency across the entire supply chain.

  • Vendor management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Live connectivity for real-time visibility through to final delivery
  • Exception management
  • Proactive milestone reporting

We offer a comprehensive range of supply chain services to suit businesses of every size. Total Maritime's supply chain experts help you to navigate the complexities of global trade and deliver sustainable supply chain solutions that you can rely on to manage disruptions and volatile market conditions.

  • Timely exchange of information
  • Real-time visibility of your shipments
  • Immediate response to disruptions when they occur
  • Instant access to documentation
  • Delivery reports
  • Dedicated Key Account support services

We offer executive management of your supply chain with solutions that are designed to provide visibility and increase speed to market.

Project Management

We offer a comprehensive range of Project Management services to suit projects of every size. Total Maritime's Project Management experts help you to navigate the complexities of any project and deliver a sustainable solution.

  • Project Pre-carriage and Ocean Freight cost analysis, operational feasibility and risk assessments
  • Route surveys
  • Specialised transport co-ordination: widening floats, platform low loaders, trailing dolly's, pilot escorts, over height permits
  • Coastal marine solutions
  • Management of motor cruiser / boat slipping, cradle manufacture, cradle positioning and securing, webbing boat sling supply for ex water / to water delivery under hook, tender supply, boat lashing material supply
  • Pressure cleaning & depaneling direction, inspection for machinery cleaned to Australian Quarantine standard, cleaning reports supported with detailed photo file for Biosecurity examination at Port of Discharge
  • Fumigation of containerised, unitised OOG, B-Bulk and RO-RO cargo
  • Pre-shipment cargo staging & storage for under hook vessel operations
  • Heavy Lift planning & co-ordination with terminals, stevedores and vessel operators
  • Heavy Lift YO-YO Beam, spreaders, O-Rings and D-Shackle gear hire
  • Vessel lashing and cargo securing plans in stow. Management of stopper welding & cutting, blocking, D-Ring lashing points on deck and in the vessel hold
  • Friction co-efficient material supply
  • Cargo superintendency for load & discharge operations and delivery to site
  • Marine survey
  • Chartering conventional open box hold and multi-purpose-heavy lift vessels.
    • Part parcel & Full inducement charters
    • Remote port discharge at anchor
    • Discharge to barge for shallow water delivery operations
  • Out of Gauge consolidation and unitisation (Flat Rack / Open Top)
  • POL / POD Customs and Biosecurity declaration lodgement, Hazardous MO41 and MSDS documentation & electronic lodgement with terminals, shipping lines and port authorities, Letter of Indemnity, Bills of Lading and documentation control.
  • Transhipment port operational co-ordination, restow on board, stop in transit, dedicated terminal laydown, security, co-ordinate connecting vessel schedule and Trans-shipment port free time & storage
  • Cross trade RO-RO and B/Bulk movements end to end
  • Critical Aid Delivery / NGO Charity Aid Delivery
  • Marine Insurance
  • Airfreight / Ocean Freight combinations - for time sensitive project equipment, machinery and ships parts
  • Buyers advocate for domestic and international machinery movement.
    • Arranging technician inspection reports, pre-shipment stripping and cleaning, shipping, customs and biosecurity clearance, final clean and biosecurity inspection, delivery to door