About TMLF

From General Freight Coordination to Reefer Transport Expertise, Total Maritime Provides Comprehensive Solutions

Total Maritime's Freight Coordination division serves as the dynamic core of our innovative freight services, where our seasoned team oversees all logistics operations and delivers personalized solutions to our clients. Alongside our renowned reputation for top-notch freight services, our logistics department rounds out our offerings. Serving as the operational hub of our transportation services, Total Maritime's logistics team specializes in managing reefer and perishable logistics solutions. With over 150 years of combined industry experience, our expertise in reefer logistics is unmatched. Ultimately, it's our depth of knowledge, professionalism, and commitment that have positioned us as a leader in the industry

Our technical team of experts oversee the entire shipping and logistics process to ensure continuity of service excellence, and our global network of partners means that we can service virtually any destination in the world. At Total Maritime, we provide a broad range of customized solutions by expertly integrating components of a variety of services such as:

  • Worldwide Air & Sea Freight
  • On-Land Transportation
  • Consignment Handling and Processing
  • Reefer Commodity Expertise
  • FCL/ LCL Services
  • Purchase Order and Vendor Management
  • Facilitation of Customs Clearance and Documentation Management
  • Storage, Warehousing & Distribution
  • Freight Management
  • Charter Services

Our advanced IT capabilities and state of the art track and trace technology provides our clients with complete visibility and up to date reporting on the current status of their shipments. This level of transparency guarantees reassurance regarding the whereabouts of your valuable goods, saving both time and money. Total Maritime solutions are tailored specifically to your business needs and specifications with dedicated client support assured throughout the whole shipping and logistics process.

We pride ourselves on the provision of superior logistics services, and our experience and innovative solutions separate us from the rest. Whether you require sea, air freight or reefer services, consolidation, warehousing or distribution, we have all the solutions you need.

What We Do

Superior Freight Forwarding
and Specialized Logistics Solutions

Total Maritime is an Australian based service provider offering a comprehensive range of freight forwarding and specialised logistics solutions to clients worldwide. We successfully catapulted ourselves into the global forwarding and logistics community with our innovative solutions and were quickly recognised as a leading service provider. Our relentless effort to deliver a premium service and our outstanding levels of customer satisfaction are evidenced in our unequalled industry reputation.

Although there is a multitude of freight forwarders and logistics providers within the industry, Total Maritime stands out from the crowd. While we offer exceptional 'point to point' forwarding and logistics solutions, we also provide temperature-controlled transportation services for perishable, chilled and frozen goods. Our departmental teams apply their expertise and extensive knowledge of the transportation, import and export of every type of cargo including wine, meat and produce to deliver cost-effective supply chain solutions to clients globally. We are recognised as a 'one stop shop' within the industry and as such our clients reap the rewards with competitive rates and save time and effort with a single trusted supply chain provider.

Our international network of affiliates is spread strategically across all continents including Europe and the Middle East, North America, Canada, Asia, Indian Subcontinent, New Zealand and Australia. The invaluable support of our network of partners enables us to maintain the highest supply chain standards and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction on a global scale. Total Maritime have economical solutions for all of your standard, urgent or temperature sensitive cargo needs regardless of whether the destination is domestic or international.

At Total Maritime, we understand that in an age of globalisation and ever-increasing competitive odds, it is essential that companies obtain greater value from their supply chain provider. Our company values of Trust, Commitment, Integrity and Teamwork are embedded in every cost-effective personalised solution we deliver. If you need a dependable provider, who will save you money on freight costs, who delivers first-rate customer service and guarantees that you will maintain your competitive advantage, give us a call today.

Management Team

Total Maritime offers an extensive suite of services to accommodate our clients needs worldwide. We offer innovative solutions and access to experts in their field to ensure that our clients receive a reliable and first-rate customer experience.

Although there are multiple, highly skilled individuals within the executive team at Total Maritime, our key people are:

Vic Ferrara

Managing Director

Vic Ferrara is the founder and Managing Director of Total Maritime and has been the driving force behind the company's 'personalised' approach to service excellence. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and over 30 years of experience in the transport and logistics industry, Vic has successfully nurtured the company to become a reputable freight forwarder and logistics, provider.

His all-encompassing background in freight forwarding saw Vic heavily involved in key areas of the shipping and logistics industry, including Imports, Exports and vessel operations. Career progression eventually led Vic into senior management roles within major global organisations, namely P&O Nedlloyd and Maersk. Vic's experience and his ability to provide intelligent logistics solutions ensures that Total Maritime's clients receive a superior customer service experience.

Adam Matuska

General Manager - Forwarding

Adam Matuska is the founder and general manager of Total Maritime Forwarding and has been a valued partner of Total Maritime since 2015. Total Maritime Forwarding strategically joined forces with Total Maritime Logistics, in a move that saw the company evolve into an all round service provider for clients the world over.

Adam started work in the industry in 1996 and has held positions at various levels, eventually advancing to executive levels on the corporate ladder to become Total Maritime Forwarding - General Manager - Australia. With 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding sector, he brings a vast amount of knowledge of all key areas of the industry. Adam has travelled extensively throughout his career, spending time in HK and China as well as other locations across the globe. During this time, he primarily focused on developing organisational capabilities for increased company success.

Adam is dedicated to developing long-term customer relationships built on trust and respect and is committed to promoting mutual business success.